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Lots of business people in Brescia succeeded in taking the opportunities offered by the Sixties’ economic development, the technological process acceleration and by life conditions improvement, above all to the most careful persons , the ones who were able to take initiatives, to make business, to run risks . Therefore ironworks, steelworks, engineering enterprises, building enterprises were founded by people starting with the only weapons of their initiative. In more delicate fields depending on purchase aptitude , on bent for people growth and on unexpressed cultural needs , enterprises start was certainly more difficult and complicated , it required senstivity and natural bents for gaining public and success. Dina Saottini born in Lonato on Garda lake had ambition and goodwill and from the lake crossroads culture acquired sensitivity for beauty , arts and for international confrontation. Her being born in Brescia led her to concrete matters and to work with the constancy and determination necessary to a real businessman.
She began very young with tourist promotional initiatives for some lake villages which were still uncertain about their prospects and were longing for development that on Garda lake means tourism . Afterwards taking an opportunity corresponding to one of her personal needs, aware of the economic growth , she understood that beauty, arts and antique could become a significant economic matter. In the disclosing vision, by which she has always been attracted , realized the potentiality of TV (TV-shopping) . This happened during times when the first commercial television was born among thousand problems, uncertainties and difficulties. It was a lucky synthesis of arts and communication, which she was able to interpret as a protagonist, she herself becoming an introducer, a promoter of cultural products, which were still unknown during those times. Moreover she had to leave the local logic , to face the big audience and television, which at those times was composed of many little local televisions.
The entrepreneur grew with a strong character, convincing, aware of the difficult role of agent (economic operator) . She became manager of important artists. Sometimes she achieved their economic and fame success .
Her auctions became TV shows whose protagonists were: Garosio, Cascella, Annigoni, Campigli and many others. Moreover there was the creative spur . Why not to manufacture or make art and promote and spread it? Here the interest in fashion , i.e. modern form of art with ancient roots, was born. “Arts Gallery” developed but she was more and more interested in fashion, in furs with a promotion that became national and drew the attention of a large market. Dina Saottini created her own manufacturing company with its trade mark . She has invented and let draw the product, has manufactured it, promoted and sold it giving the last phase something spectacular, customers selection and a clever use of TV. Even if it is easy to enter homes with TV; it is much more difficult to stay there, to avoid zapping, to make oneself listened , to describe products, to draw attention and interest. She did all this by herself in front of a larger and larger audience, offering items with the sensitivity of the one who knows people , their ambitions , possibilities and requirements. “Boutique dell’Arte” TV fashion-shows are real shows of which Dina Saottini is producer and protagonist . Her company is by now consolidated , successful and glamorous; it is the result of great constant care without saving of energies, fantasy, investments. Hers was the business run of a person who has loved her job and has achieved her aim to link together business and trade needs and her passion for arts, fashion and beauty that she has been cultivating never going far from Garda Lake which seemed to inspire her, making her resisting temptation of important offers from Fininvest, Rai and others which considered her necessary for TV promotions. The company even with her sons’, Raffaele’s and Matteo’s help cannot lose its founder, its “patron”, who moreover finds time and energies to devote herself to her country , to her lake putting herself in service of good causes such as help for disabled , social and political engagement for the district where she lives, the foundation council of Villa Mazzucchelli Museum , the co-operation with the Community of Garda Region , the tourist association Blu Line she founded and she is presiding over. In the meanwhile Dina Saottini created her group engaged in real estate and hotels building, field with high level projects. Hers is a versatile life through arts, fashion, tourism and communication; she has been able to foresee developments of a complex society ,and to manage these with a particular feminine sensitivity which is also a sensitivity of a real businessman.


Dina Saottini è la Fondatrice di Blu-Line,
l'Associazione di Imprese e di Imprenditori
del settore Turistico-Commerciale dell'area

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